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Alea Management advises, manages and selectively invests in end-use energy efficiency and cogeneration companies that are developing or adapting their business models to meet the economic and environmental imperatives of the 21st Century. 

Based in Boston Massachusetts, Alea is in the vanguard of clean energy activity catalyzed by recent scientific, legislative and financial initiatives.  Alea’s focus is on end-use energy efficiency investments that work within the existing energy supply chain to reduce the amount of fuel required per unit of economic output.  This increase in efficiency directly reduces the carbon footprint and generally does so more quickly and with proportionally less capital than large-scale renewable technologies.  Given the scale of the energy and environmental challenges facing the world and as evidenced by the approach taken in recent state and federal energy legislation, investments in both renewable energy and end-use efficiency will be required in order to adapt to the world’s current environmental and economic challenges.  

Alea’s portfolio of projects ranges from the low-risk application of existing efficiency technologies in mature markets all the way to high-risk and early stage commercialization of intellectual property that holds the promise of dramatically improving the efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of millions of conventional boilers. 

While the risk profile and business plan vary widely with each opportunity, Alea maximizes the opportunity for success by managing the execution risk faced by all participants in the energy markets.  By drawing upon our professional management experience as senior executives with a track record of overcoming challenges within the energy and utility industry, we bring to each project an understanding of the commercialization risks and the ingredients required to achieve a successful return on investment. 

Alea is not a consulting firm.  All advisory work is done at cost with a view to participating in the economic value we create through our efforts.  This compensation structure allows the companies we work with to manage upfront costs and ensures the alignment of economic interests. 

Alea is not a finance firm.  Alea may elect to invest cash in a portfolio company, but if so the funds would be drawn from Alea’s internally generated financial resources. 

Alea Management applies its practical commercial, technical and financial experience to help investors and business owners manage execution risk, be it for the initial stages of due diligence, company formation and operation, or execution on an exit strategy. 

Members of the Alea Management team have deep experience in the energy and utilities sector and have held senior positions in companies such as Alliant Energy, Xcel Energy, GDF Suez International, Dominion Resources, NRG Energy and The Trigen Companies.  This experience combined with the business relationships and reputations formed over many years gives Alea access to resources and business opportunities that only accrue to industry insiders.

Prior to the founding of Alea in 2008, the Alea Management team worked together to buy, build and grow an energy business with a national footprint, the Trigen Companies.  In less than three years, the Alea Management team sold the company for approximately 800 million dollars (US) to a multinational conglomerate, doubling the company’s equity value.  Recognizing the collective value of the team with its strong working relationships and complementary business skills, Alea Management was formed. 


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