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Alea Management advises, manages and selectively invests in end-use energy efficiency and cogeneration companies that are developing or adapting their business models to meet the economic and environmental imperatives of the 21st Century. 

Alea’s portfolio of projects ranges from the low-risk application of existing efficiency technologies in mature markets all the way to high-risk and early stage commercialization of intellectual property that holds the promise of dramatically improving the efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of millions of conventional boilers. 

Did You Know?

  • Focus on Clean Energy derived from Energy Efficiency
  • Diverse portfolio of projects
  • Alea maximizes the opportunity for success by managing the execution risk common to all energy companies
  • Alea applies its practical commercial, technical and financial experience obtained through years of hands-on senior management experience inside energy and utility companies
  • Track record of overcoming challenges and delivering strong returns to investors
  • Alea is not a finance firm and is not a consulting firm
  • Alea partners with investors and business owners in relationships that align financial incentives
Alea Management

Latest News:

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